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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Our vision

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Our vision

Hello world! I am YNTL and I believe in a cross-border, multicultural, inclusive community for women all around the globe.

The YNTL vision 

I embrace and celebrate women who look, think and work differently. When you join YNTL, your new journey goes beyond making the choice to come to the Netherlands and start your new career. I know exactly what kind of challenges you face and how exciting it is to start this adventure, maybe all by yourself, in a whole new country you’ve never visited before.

You are not alone in this adventure, I’m here for you. Here for you to give you a warm welcome, to help you out with all your needs, and supporting you in your relocation to the Netherlands. When you are in, you are in, for the whole package my dear.

Hello world :)!

Well either way, if you already decided to come to the NL to skyrocket your career or you already took the leap to come here, but didn’t really landed within your dream job, or you are open for relocation but not ready to take the leap yet.. Or you are just as any of us, a curious and ambitious woman who wants to be part of this Community with likeminded Tech savvy bright minded ladies.

My Community is for every Tech savvy lady out there.

I know exactly what kind of unique challenges we as ladies in Tech face, and that all on top of the adventure of getting a job, in Tech, abroad! I know we need more women in Tech, we need more diversity, we need our point of view. My mission is so so strongly rooted throughout everything that I stand for, everything that I do. And this goes way beyond just making the right match. I am here to help innovative companies and promising start ups to match their ideas with you, you awesome tech lady, it runs through my veins, it’s what keeps me going.

We are the lucky ones, we are standing in the middle of the beginning of the Digital Revolution, we are frontrunners, we have the power of making an impact while making a living, and I believe that there is no stronger force than a women who is determined to rise.

This is not a feminist thing by the way. This is bigger than that. The world needs us.

My name  is ‘You Need Tech Ladies’ but you may call me YNTL and I’m very much looking forward into meeting you, updating you about my whereabouts, the opportunities that I have for you,  opening up my network to make sure you that you land in the perfect spot, the spot to make an impact and to enfold all your skills and ambitions.

Pleased to meet you 🙂

I would love to connect! Don’t be shy and stop by to say Hi!

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I love to help women from all around the globe in the pursuit to next level their career in Tech!

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YNTL supports you throughout the whole process!

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All excited? So I have your attention? Maybe you have some questions for me Or just want to have a little chit chat? Don’t be shy and reach out to me via!