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Our story

You Need Tech Ladies
Time is valuable, so we'll keep it brief

What you really need to know.

What is YNTL?

YNTL is the leading recruitment agency for female tech talent in the Netherlands.

But what does the name mean?

YNTL is short for ‘You Need Tech Ladies’.

Ah! Got it. So why the focus on tech ladies?

That’s an easy one. In a world where the general idea is that good people are hard to find, we know where to look. While other recruitment agencies comb through a huge network of tech talent we narrow it down to a smaller group. In most countries there is still a deeply nestled idea that women are inferior to men, definitly in the tech world. That’s okay. It’s not true of course. There’s actually a wide variety of high-level, highly educated and experienced female tech talent out there. And since the Netherlands is a culturally mature country these women are often prepared to pack their belongings and move here. By focussing on this specific group YNTL has rightfully become the leading agency in recruiting female tech talent.

So why hire a woman and not another man?

Just by looking at the facts, a diverse workplace is proven to get better results. It more accurately reflects your customer/client base, and ensures a wider range of experience. Put that next to rapidly changing environment and the new digital industrial revolution. There is more need than ever for competent and experienced tech talent. And there is more need than ever for diversity in the overwhelmingly male tech world. So here we are, right on time.

YNTL takes care of things.

Our involvement doesn’t stop after we’ve hooked you up with the best employee possible. YNTL is in it for the long run. See us a matchmaker, mentor and reliable friend to your new employees in this exciting period of change and acclimatization. Because of our experience we often know what they need before they know it themselves. We’re here for them, so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

What we believe

Our goal goes way beyond just making the perfect match.

Meet the founder

We’ve got your back Ladies.

YNTL was started with a motto: “Empower the women around you”. I personally believe that when we women help one another, we can make incredible things happen. Flying around the globe to skyrocket our careers while taking on new adventures and all that with a feeling of connection.

We’ve got your back, as we know what kind of unique challenges you face and you don’t have to do this alone. We are here to help you out! Let’s support each other and help each other grow. Are you in?

Nadia van Bedijk - Dekkers @LinkedIn

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